Friday, September 30, 2016

Four Teen Boys Drug and Beat a Puppy

RSPCA handles many cases of animal abuse and cruelty everyday. Animal abuse is something that is very serious today and needs to be stopped. A recent case of animal abuse is about a dog who had been found broken and hurting. He was thought to have been hit by a car. But as the dog was checked out they found things such as burns on his face, eyes, and bruises to his groin. With further investigation they RSPCA found out that this was a horrible case of animal abuse. The day after the dog was found 2 boys turned themselves in and admitted to the crimes they had committed and made sure to tell the police about their other two friends that were involved.  These four 16 year old boys all together kicked, punched, burned, and fed this six month old puppy drugs until he was left for dead with a broken leg and neck.

Animal abuse sickens me. What these boys did was completely brutal and barbaric. Nothing upsets me more that an innocent animal being hurt for no reason. Animals give us humans unconditional love when the majority of us don't deserve it whatsoever. They are the only things in the world that live without judgment, ignorance, or crudeness. These boys only sentences were being disqualified to own an animal for 5 years and to pay a total of $5,791. These boys should never have the right to own an animal again. During an interview with one of the boys he was just simply annoyed with the fact that he had to be there and felt no guilt or remorse for what he had done to that poor puppy. This puppy named Chunky still flattens to the floor and flinches with just a raise of a hand. He will never live the same or feel as safe as he should again just because these boys had nothing better to do that torture him. Animals have no voice and can't speak for themselves which is why we need to stand up for them. They deserve to be treated with respect just as humans do and have the right to be protected.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Why I Chose This Blog

I'm choosing to write about animals because I have had a passion for them for as long as I can remember. Throughout every rough patch I've gone through in life I can remember my pets helping me through them. I connect with them instantly, and I believe they are the only things on the earth that know how to truly love. Animals are family and truly man's best friend. Sadly, animals don't have their own voice, so it's our job to protect and love them like they unconditionally love us .

I will be talking about animal cruelty, rescues, and the importance of animal therapy and what it can do. Animal cruelty is any case of excessive abuse or even just animal neglect. All my animals throughout my childhood have been recuse and it was almost as though they adopted us. Animals are very soothing and can help many people get through hard times or even just keep them company.

I hope people can read this blog and want to make a difference for animals. I want people to not be afraid to report a case of abuse or neglect and know that they are making the right decision. I also want people to get a better understanding of animal therapy and get a deeper look into the things it can accomplish.