Thursday, November 17, 2016


I loved being a puppy. I loved my mom and my siblings. We would play all day long everyday and it was great. We had people too and they gave us anything and everything we ever wanted. When we all got a little older our people said they couldn't take care of us all anymore and that they would need to find us new homes. We were all really scared but we knew that it would be an exciting new adventure.

New families started visiting us and they were all so nice. Eventually my siblings started getting taken away and I was really happy for them but also really sad. Soon it was just me and my mom and she was always sad thinking about my siblings. I got to stay extra long with her and I cherished  every moment. One day a family I've never seen before came and picked me up and took me with them. It was weird because I never got to say bye to my people and they weren't even around to see me leave. My mom was so mad that it scared me. She was barking and growling and she was trying to bite them but they were so fast that she didn't get to them. I cried all the way to their home. They weren't as nice as the other families my siblings went with. They had young people who would hit me really hard and the older ones would sometimes kick me. They named me scratchers because I'd always be itchy. I was always outside in the hot sun and had no shade or water. Everything I ate I would have to get out of the garbage and run and hide so they didn't see me and get mad. I even made a hole in the fence and I would go out and the nice neighbors would feed me yummy food and it would make me so happy, but they never wanted to love me like my first people did.

One day a new family moved in across the street. I watched them through the fence as they put all their stuff inside. There was a nice looking girl with a little girl, two cats, and even a dog. They seemed so nice I was excited to meet them. I never saw much of them in the beginning because they stayed inside a lot of the time. One day when they came out they were playing in the front yard and I had join in the fun. They were so nice and rubbed my belly and even gave me snacks! They reminded me a lot of my first humans. The dog they had was really scary. He chased me all around the yard but I thought is was fun! That night when they went inside I slept on their porch hoping they'd let me in. I did this everyday for a week. One night they tried driving me home, but right when I got home my owners put me out back so I ran right through the fence back to their house. They put me back in the car and while driving me home I jumped out the window and sat on their porch until they got back. These people were good and I wasn't going to let them go.

They let me stay the night for the first time that night. The little girl was so excited she cuddled with me all night. I couldn't remember the last time I was that happy. They fed me and loved me like no others. I knew my old owners wouldn't care if I stayed here, they didn't love me like these people did. Everyday we’d go run outside, and when it was time to come in I would sit at the porch until they let me in. I knew that if I tried hard enough they would let me stay forever; and they did. They reminded me Samson and they even made my itches go away! I was so happy and nothing could ever beat this. Every night I’d play with the girl and then cuddle up with her and my new friends; the cat Coco, and the little dog Iggy. This family was perfect for me and I was perfect for them.