Friday, December 9, 2016

Emaciated Dog Blacks

The RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) is a great organization that focuses their work on saving and caring for abused or neglected animals. They go into the most disgusting places to save animals; and many times the animals don't trust them and react harshly. Even though they know the risk of their job, it doesn't stop them from helping one bit. Awhile ago the Gwent police called RSPCA after they had busted a man for drug related conditions. The police stated that there was a dog in very poor condition that they needed to pick up. When their team got there the had to cover their noses and mouths because the smell was that unbearable due to the week's worth of dog urine and faeces all over the house. His name was Blacks, an 18 month old brindle greyhound. They were able to coax him out of the house where they then got a good look at him. In the article they wrote, “He was shaking, timed and very unsteady on his feet. Shockingly every bone in his body was protruding including his ribs, hips, spine and backbone.”. He weighed only 32 pounds when a normal male greyhound should weigh anywhere from 60 to 88 pounds. This poor dog was barely ½ the weight he should have been. Luckily this dog had a great appetite, and was ready to eat as soon as he could. Within just one month he was up to 50 pounds.

There's nothing more that I love then a happy ending; and luckily this story has one. I can't imagine owning an animal and neglecting them as so. People can be so irresponsible it's unbelievable. Just in the past 10 years the Animal Legal Defense Fund has found that 30% of their cases go back to animal neglect. The owner of this dog tried to tell the po;lice that his friend was supposed to be watching his dog; but then couldn't identify who his friend exactly was. With all evidence going against the man, he was found guilty. He faced four weeks imprisonment and wan no longer allowed to have an animal for 10 years. More stories like this should be told so people will be too scared to neglect their animals and instead give them up. Blacks was renamed Dash and with his new home he's happier than ever.


  1. This was a very interesting post. The story about the dog makes me want to take action against animal abusers

  2. I really love the way you write and it makes me want to read more of your posts because you give a great hook! I love that you give good facts and I also love animals so I don't understand why people would neglect their animals. I feel like something more should be done about this situation! Over all great blog and posts.