Wednesday, January 11, 2017

*Could Animal Abusers Become Cold Blooded Murderers?

The article titled “Do Mass Killers Start Out by Harming Pets?” by Gail F. Melson Ph.D. speaks greatly on the correlation between animal abusers and killers. This has been a question asked many times and is a very controversial subject. Theres many things that lead to the harm and abuse of other creatures. Animal abuse is seen in young children and many adolescents. Although many young children will pull a cat's ears or tails just out of curiosity, there are other children who will do much more than that when you're not looking. Kids who grow up around abuse or who have mental health issues are much more likely to abuse. A study done by Ascione assessed 1,433 children of abuse, ages 6-12, and from that study 60% of those children had reported abusing animals before. Although the overall percentage of kids who purposely harm animals is only about 5%, it could help us catch early dangerous signs in other and our own children.

Kids who abuse animals are much more likely to live a life of abusive and murderous crime. There has been countless stories of kids who have done unimaginable crimes and it all started with harming or killing a pet or animal. According to the article, “On Oct. 1, 1997, Luke Woodham, a sophomore at Pearl High School, in a suburb of Jackson, MI, stabbed his mother to death and then opened fire on classmates with a hunting rifle, killing two girls and wounding seven other students.  Investigators later found Woodham’s account of his torture and killing of his pet dog Sparkle, which the boy described as his first kill.” This is just one story out of many that proves that abusing animals can lead to much, much more. That means that events like these can be completely avoided by simply not ignoring your child when you see them being too rough with people or animals.

I, myself, do strongly believe that animal abuse can lead to larger crimes such as these. Animal abuse is all about wanting power and wanting to feel greater than something; and when that gets old or boring, what else are those people left to do? This is also a great reason why there should be greater laws against animal abuse. The article states that, “Jeffrey Dahmer, Albert DeSalvo (the “Boston strangler”), David Berkowitz (the “Son of Sam”) and Carroll Edward Cole, a serial killer accused of 35 deaths, all recounted animal torture as their first violent act.”. People such as them could have been locked up and could have been known to be aggressive if we simply made abusing animals a bigger deal; as it should be. Noticing and stopping animal abusers can help us prevent and stop killings; so why would we not do something to bring more awareness to this?

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  1. I am highly against animal abuse so reading this article was very interesting. Like just the thought is cringe worthy. I believe that people who abuse animals or kill them just for entertainment are sick and just like these famous animal abusers the grew into famous serial killers thus proving the fact that abusing animals leads to more and more violence on lives.